Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
شنبه 29 اسفند‌ماه سال 1383
Honest letter to David
Dear David:
...The other day that I was at school one of my 15 year old students asked me" Do Americans pray as well and how is their culture?" I gave him the very exact answer I gave you"The average American is like the other folks in other countries.....and the things I told you before. "Death to America" doesnt mean death to American people,it is a protest to US  foreign policies,the crimes the US government  has been doing:
throughout history, every great power has inflicted misery upon weaker nations. The Romans, Ottoman Turks, Belgium, Russia and Japan, England and
America have all done it:
1) The Eisenhower administration's CIA brought down a popular representative government in Iran, in 1953, because Mosaddeq, the prime minister, wanted to nationalise Iran's oil. America installed, nurtured, cradled, and propped the Shah for the next 25 years no matter how dictatorial and oppressive he became. .

2) Saddam Hussein is another CIA creation. We call him a 'Hitler' now.US government  encouraged him to wage a bloody war against Iran over a few square meters of real-estate. US government needed to hit Iran hard, thru Iraq, because Iran had become dangerously anti-American .

3) Saddam thought he had our blessing for everything. US government  had never stopped him before (not even when he used chemical weapons against his own population), and we had been supplying him with weapons.

6) When the Islamic party in Algeria won in fair and free elections,US government supportedthe violent crackdown of the military because, it was said, the Islamicists would abolish democracy. So US government  made sure it was abolished before the Islamicists had a chance to try. It is hard to convey just how bloody the rampages that followed have been. Many of these were carried out by the GIA (thought responsible for the massacres of tens of thousands of civilians), a group led by veterans of the Afghan war and trained by bin Laden's network It is hard to believe that the Islamicists would have been worse. But you will never know, because America hates democratic outcomes. What it likes is tin-pot dictators that are obliged in clientship relationships to the United States. Of course, this is very dangerous. But it keeps happening because what each President keeps thinking about is the next election, not long-term outcomes, and Americans don't read History.

Finally, US government has been supporting Israel since its inception, even though it is a state born of terrorist violence, and even though its abuses have been many. Menachem Begin, one of the first prime-ministers of Israel, used to be a wanted terrorist with a bounty on his head. But who knows this? The Palestinians are guilty of crimes as well, but US government has  never shown an even hand in the region.US government has been Israel's unconditional allies.

I hope you arent offended in anyway,I just wanted to let  you know of how I feel about US policies toward other nations.We are the same in color .Whenever I talk about Americans in my class I always explain that they are as religious and human as we are and dont believe a word of **** the mullahs say on TV.Have you ever thought why I requested an American penpal ?Because of the interest in American way of life,thinking and a lot more.are you persuaded enough?I hope your day goes well the following days,Remember:Every downs has its UPS someday.Agree?

Best Regards to YOU and your family


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