Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
پنج‌شنبه 11 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384
David Letter
Hello my friend. I hope that you're enjoying your time off from work. Today is my day off too. I didn't do too much. I stayed home and caught up on some reading. I don't always get the chance to read for pleasure, due to my weird working hours. Today's my nephew's birthday. I sent you a photo of him and his wife. They just had a little baby boy six months ago. He's a cute little baby. If you can believe it, it's still snowing and cold here! Where's the spring? I'm planning on relocating down south in the future. I have family throughout the state of Florida. The weather is always sunny and warm, with tall swaying palm trees. I wish I lived there already! I can't wait until you receive the package I sent you. I'm interested in knowing your reaction. I hope you like it. I wanted to ask you what the price of prayer carpet's are there? I'd like to buy another one. The one I presently have was given to me from my friend Manzar. His last name is also Hussein. He brought it back from Mecca. It's pretty. When do you return to work? I know you're probably not looking forward to it. I know that when I'm off for a while, it's always hard to go back. Easter is on Sunday. I've been getting the house ready for the guests. There's going to be quite a few people here. We'll have fun, however. We always do. My niece in Florida called and invited me down for my birthday. She said she'll let me use her car while she's at work, so I could get around to the beaches and things. Her and her husband are sweet people. They are very hospitable. I have to get back to her with a decision so she can plan on it. It sounds great. I love the ocean a lot. Thanks for the Easter cards. They were nice and inspirational. How's your family doing? I wish them all well. By the way, I met a nice lady the other day. She's my age, and also a Christian. She's from South Africa. She's an administrative assistant. We talked a lot, she seems intelligent and sweet. (I'm not making a wedding date though) Ha. Ha Who knows? Well, my friend, I look forward to your return, and email. Take care
                                Your friend and brother,

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