Diary Of An Iranian Teacher
سه‌شنبه 18 مرداد‌ماه سال 1384
Terrorists,Al qaeda
         I think the proverb you were looking for was, "You reap what you
sow." I couldn't agree more with you more, we are in a vicious cycle of
terror. However, Terrorists have no legitimacy, for they demand the
impossible and demand it at gun point. The things they demand, not just
Arabs, but Muslims all over the world, in Russia, India, Thailand, and
Israel of course are impossible. The Jews are never going to leave nor
should, they need to understand this. In they other countries I mentioned,
they will not get their separate states. I feel that no one should ever give
into Terrorist demands, for as another proverb goes, "If you give them an
inch, they will take a mile." I feel that nations should defeat terror
through covert and military action. However, like you said this will only
create more terrorism. So that's why we must launch a public-relation
campaign, which will get to the youth of these nations. One of the worst
images I have seen are of young children in the West Bank in suicide bomber
outfits. I think that as wealth in these countries increase, Terrorist
volunteers will decrease. This is why you don't see Terror coming from the
U.A.E., Kuwait, or other wealthy Muslim nations. Also look at yourself, I
think a man with a nice wife and a good job would be a much harder recruit
to blow himself up than the poor man sitting in the street.
           I feel Afghanistan was 100% necessary and in Iraq, although I
don't agree with it, it can't fail. Terrorists want it to fail so hopefully
they will all go to Iraq to try and get the US, It's better to fight them
there than over here. I know it's not fair, but life isn't fair and there
terrorists need a reality check.
          Also, no one hates anyone here. This is the truth, if you came
here no one would bat an eye, because we have immigrants from all over the
world and more importunately in America no one care. No on cares where you
came from as long as you're a good, friendly, open-minded individual. Is it
like that in Iran and the Middle-East? I want to go there one day; I hear
they are very friendly and hospitable, right?

>It seems that this is going to be a never ending fire among "the poor" and
>"the rich" nations.As long as Imperialistic countries try to impose their
>will over other "underdeveloped" nations and as long as possesions and
>resources of the world are shared unfairly,we will witness these terrorist
>attacks in western countries.Today in London,tomorrow in another country
>and the only poor victoms are the civilians.lets be honest:"we see what we
>reap''.(Is the proverb right?)
>Christians radicalism(though I dont like R words), conservative guys in the
>US senate who have theorized "we are the best civilization" attitude and
>their attitudes has resulted in Afghanistan,Iraq wars.
>Islamic radicalism:those poor arab countries who have been disarmed both
>military and economically gather the poor masses to fight for the sake of
>You see the vicous circle we are all in?
>I am in my summer vacation holiday and I teach high school students who
>sometimes drive up you the wall.
>How is London explosion  viewed in your neighborhood?slogans and  hatred
>againsts arabs? Best,

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